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ThemeForest Update Status: in REVIEW QUEUE

Current Theme Version: 1.3

Hello there my dear customers,

It’s been a joy ride for me and hopefully for you too! Version 1.3 comes with even more goodies than you could think off! Here you can find a list of all the new features which will be added in this version.

  • NEW: Added Lightbox Portfolio / Post option (used premium script View.js valued at 10$) with various column options to choose from ( 1,2,3,4,5,8,10 photos per row)
  • NEW: Added Support for ALL Post Formats
  • NEW: Theme is already compatible with WordPress 3.6 so you can upgrade without any second thoughts to the new version when it will be available (currently WP 3.6 is in Beta 2, so the official release is pretty close).
  • NEW: Included child theme in the downloadable package, to give you guys a head start on customizing your theme. Also, customizing via child themes will ensure you won’t lose any changes made, on a parent theme update. (reference: )
  • NEW: New, Lazy-load like loading of images. This way you can showcase a huge amount of images, without too much struggle for the server. Option is available in Portfolio Block settings.
  • NEW: Fully W3C compliant code. No errors!
  • FIX: Replaced logo method as it was causing some issues on some hostings not allowing getimagesize. Now you can replace logos using the Customizer, without any second thoughts. It will work just right!
  • FIX: Added loading animation for Slideshow.
  • FIX: Thanks to risio’s extensive testing of the theme, which revealed some bugs which led to overlapping of elements, I completely rethought my process behind the interaction with Portfolio elements and implemented a bullet-proof solution, which produces no more errors, no matter how much you fiddle with the sorting of elements, or how much you change the orientation of the device you’re using.
  • FIX: IE9 support for portfolio items loaded via AJAX, not appearing when loaded. Now everything works as it should.
  • FIX: Error which rendered weird empty boxes for Portfolio, upon demo import. Now everything works as it should.
  • FIX: Small bug which rendered the menu invisible when using a logo with center alignment.

    This is a pretty huge release, I reckon! Worked hard on it and hopefully you will enjoy it!

    Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this release

    Paul | Icy Pixels | Customer Happiness Engineer

Current Theme Version: 1.2.1.

Here are a couple of requested features which were implemented in version 1.2:

NEW: Updated Aqua Page Builder update link to
NEW: Auto-Update feature of the theme.
NEW: New set of thumbnail hover effect to choose from. This one is a small, subtle fade hover effect.
NEW: Mixed media support in Portfolio items, via Aqua Page Builder Shortcode. Now you can have both images and videos in the same slideshow.
NEW: Brand new Blog posts block for Page Builder, which functions the same way as the Portfolio block, minus the AJAX functionality.
NEW: Added resize option for portfolio thumbnails.
FIX: Bug which involved overlapping of elements after a certain amount of changing filters and opening portfolio items via AJAX, which rendered some of the items invisible or overlapping other elements. This now is fixed and it is working beautifully! (Thanks risio for pointing it out to me).
FIX: Portfolio Slideshow fix, which confused people, thinking it was just an image, but instead it was a slideshow. Now the slideshow is easily controllable straight from the get-go, you won’t have to wait 5 seconds until the first slide appears.
FIX: Updated jQuery knob script to the latest version, in an attempt to fix the issues everyone was having with the Skills block on the Page Builder.
FIX: Centered images which were smaller than 1160px, in portfolio single view.
FIX: Added ability to use HTML in Team member bio area.
HOTFIX v1.2.1: Headings color wasn't changed after fiddling with Theme Customizer
HOTFIX v1.2.1: Skills block now works as it should. Thanks to limebridge for pointing me to a live demo so I could further investigate.

P.S. Also improved documentation which covers new additions, plus added instructional video in the downloaded package, inside the documentation folder, so people will know about it.


20th April 2013 - version 1.2.

Modified the following files:

  • /functions/theme-functions.php
  • /style.css
  • /header.php
  • /page-builder/ folder
  • /functions/class-pixelentity.php
  • /customizer/options.php
  • / / default.po files
  • /functions.php
  • /single-portfolio.php
  • /js/jquery.custom.js
  • /js/jquery.ajax.js

ThemeForest Update Status: LIVE

Current Theme Version: 1.1.1.

Fixing responsive issue. Removed the container width option from the theme customizer, as it was making quirks on tablets and smartphones.


15th April 2013 - version 1.1.1.

Modified the following files:

  • /style.css
  • /functions/theme-functions.php

ThemeForest Update Status: LIVE

Current Theme Version: 1.1

Features added: Two Column and Four Column Portfolio option added. Check the bottom of the Page Elements. Also added option for right aligned, centered or left aligned logo and fixed a small bug with responsiveness.


13th April 2013 - version 1.1

Modified the following files:

  • /customizer/options.php
  • /functions/theme-functions.php
  • /page-builder/blocks/icy-portfolio-block.php
  • /page-builder/blocks/icy-image-block.php
  • /style.css

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